Nyfödd bebis

You are not alone

in your 

Wanting a baby and building a family, being a mum and dad, getting pregnant should be easy, right?

But it turns out it´s not that easy.

The struggling and feelings of a roller-coaster

starts challenging emotions, relationships,

your body, soul and mind.

  • Do you feel like your life is on hold, and is all about conceiving?

  • Do you feel alone, even if you are in a relationship?

  • Do you feel anxiety and stress over meeting friends and family, and their questions or lack of understanding?

  • Do you feel bad about yourself, ashamed that you can´t get pregnant or keeping a baby?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed by your emotions and the situation you are in?


Infertility, Secundary infertility,
Miscarriages or living as Permanent infertlity
is an extreme stressful experience and some name it as a trauma

(similar to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)

Do you want to get useful tools that helps you through?

Do you want to feel more positive and have less stress?
Do you want to feel more control over what´s going on?
Do you want to feel the fun & love in your relationship again?
Do you want to talk to someone who really understand?


I will be happy to help you!

As well as being a lifecoach and a therapist I am also a pediatricnurse and specialtrained nurse with over 25 years in women´s health and infertility.
I have met a lot of women and couples struggling with infertility, 
childloss and also when,  at last, becoming a parent.
That means I have a long experience and the clinical knowledge to understand what you are going through. 

My name is Tina Thomasine Börjesson.

I am from Sweden and I serve people all over the world.

We will meet each other online/Zoom.

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