Sunlight shines through

Now it´s Your time to Shine


Here you meet Tina Thomasine Börjesson, Specialist Nurse, Counselor and ICF-coach (International Coach Federation) with many years experience of meeting people in the different areas of life.

It can be; worrying about yourself or someone near you, miscarriage, infertility, thoughts about the next chapter in your life (education, moving, career, family, separation). Nothing is to small or to big to talk about.

We have professional secrecy, so you can feel safe and trust.


Here, men and women are rebuilt through mindset makeovers.

To get the possibility to change negativity, fear and self-doubt and instead discover

joy, courage and your inner-strength.

Everyone have enormous resourses from within. Even though we don´t feel it or recognize it.

In a reflecting conversation you get to know more side´s of yourself. You decide what you want to develop and how to relate to it.


To get to know yourself; Why and How you react is one of the best investments you can do.
It´s brave and challenging and worth everything because self-awareness is a powerful knowledge that gives you strenght in your life.


Don´t wait any longer for a better life, make your move today!

Send an email or make the phonecall to Shine By Thomasine.

If you are living to far away for a counselling in Växjö, Sweden, we take it online.


Every client is important, and you should feel that when you come in contact with Shine By Thomasine.

I can´t fix you, but I can give you the tools you need to start living a life you want.

Now it´s Your time to Shine.