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Coaching and Therapy

Invest in Yourself and you will always be a winner!

Knowing something is wrong, and that you want help is the first great step towards wholeness.
That´s not weakness, that is brave. Being vulnerable and true to yourself is the best start.

Healing and changes takes time, energy and hard work. By investing your time and money in professional help, shows that you are committed.
If you want me to support you along the way, you will reach your desire goals faster and the changes you make will be lasting. 

Tina i samtal

Here are some life areas where Coaching & Therapy can be a solution

  • You know there is more in life but you need support for your next step.

  • You are feeling overwhelmed, trying to handle everything by your own, but it doesn´t work out.

  • You are looking for a meaning and your purpose in  life.

  • You already knows what you want, but are unable to take action.

  • You are done with low self-esteem and wants to break free from negative thoughts and limited beliefs.

  • You want to start new, better habits that is good for you and that will last.

  • You want to be a better communicator in private and in work.

  • You are tired of being alone, and want to get the tools to find a spouse and a relation filled with love.

  • You are ready to heal from older scars that is holding you back to be the one you want to be.

  • You already have a certain goal, and need accountability, support and guidance along the way. 

Shall we work togehter?

I do 1:1 coaching & therapy and couples therapy.
We start by a free online meeting,
a Discovery-call (30 min) to see if I am the right person for you and we talk about your goals, how I work and how I can help you.
After that, you decide if you are ready to do the work!

Coaching and Therapy is a process and I want you to succeed and have the transformation and the results you are longing for. As a Therapist and a Life coach I can meet you in every season you are in life.
This blend will help you have faster and long lasting results.
My Coaching and Therapy-program is Premium, and
I also have some special Coaching packages if you want to work with me for 6 months or more.
Contact me and let´s talk, I am ready to help you Shine!


”We all need time to take a break and reflect on our life choices, roads and challenges. To get the opportunity to meet Tina in Coaching sessions has really given me new tools to face the daily challenges in life. Tina is very professional and I always leave her with new thoughts and energy. I would like to recommend everyone to give themselves the time and energy to get fulfillment like this”.

Woman, CEO