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Infertilitycoach & Therapist

Are you struggling with infertility? Longing for a child of your own? Trying to get pregnant?

This is common areas to face during this times:
Feel stressed and anxious about what you are going through and what impact it has on your life.

Feel like you have lost control in this roller-coaster of feelings and emotions.

Struggling with the communication between you and your partner.

Have put your life on hold, while waiting for your baby.

Feel like you have lost a part of your identity.

Have lost, or are afraid of losing, the intimacy and joy with sex.

Dealing with feelings of guilt and shame and “why me”.

Trying to create and live a life, without a child.

Have a baby and still have infertility memories that holds you back in parenting or life in general.

I also cooperates with fertility-clinics in Sweden as a Coach and Therapist for their patients.
Nordic IVF, Stockholm IVF, Linneamottagningen & Dione.

Ofrivillig barnlöshet

Would you like to:

  • Feel less stressed and more in control?

  • Enjoy life and make the best of it, even in a waiting-season?

  • Learn to communicate and understand your partner better?

  • Get the best tools to navigate through this journey?

  • Be able to give yourself more self-love and understanding?

  • Learn to communicate and set boundaries to others?

  • Be set free from the feelings of guilt and shame?

  • Overcome obstacles that keeps you from happiness?

  • Talk to someone who have long experience and know what you are going through?

Then, come and work with me!

I can help you get through this.

I started working with infertility in 1996, both as a Registered Nurse together with Gynecologists who was serving IVF-clinics, and as a Therapist. 

It´s important to me to be updated with the new science and how the clinics work right now, so I can give you the best support in understanding what you are going through.
I have met plenty of couples and women during all these years, both during their treatments and after, so I know that the tools I use and share will give you what you need to live the life you want to have.

Know and then, I still do my duty as a Pediatric Nurse at the Maternity Wards, taking care of the newborn babies and the mothers who just delivered together with their partners. So if and when you got pregnant this is also a subject you can talk about. Though for many, the emotions are often different to be pregnant after experiencing infertility or childloss, IVF-treatments and miscarriages, than if it went smooth the first time .

You are not alone, I am here to help you too.

Try out my FREE Online Discovery-call ( 30 min) and see if I am the right Therapist and Coach for you. 
Then you decide if we shall work together.

Start by download my Free Guide to Stress relief during infertility.

Hope to hear from you!


”I can highly recommend Tina, to everyone who needs help and support during their infertility journey”

“Thank you Tina! I am not focusing so much on my weakness any longer. I understand that it is an ongoing process working on myself and that has helped me a lot”