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Hey there, I´m Tina!

I am from Sweden and I work with people all over the world.

For more than three decades I have been helping people to heal
and grow. I started my career as a Registered Nurse, continuing specialization in infertility, pediatrics, women health, therapy and coaching.
I have several educations and trainings from both Sweden, International Coaching Federation, and with Tony Robbins and Robbins Madanes.

In the last years I also got my licenses as a Trainer in Core, Yoga and Barre. 

I am feeling so blessed; I am a mum and we have 3 beautiful, warmhearted, grownup sons. Me and my husband, since 35 years of marriage, live in the countryside with a big garden that we love.
I enjoy travelling, reading a lot of books, meetings with friends and family, music and singing, art, cooking and training. 

My wish is to never stop growing. I like to challenge myself to grow, even if in that moment I sometimes wish I didn´t , but I know how powerful it is. I enjoy learning more and bring that knowledge into action by serving people and let the Body, Mind and Soul work together.

Tina glammig

Professional Coach, Therapist and a Specialist Nurse

For several years I was working as a Nurse in the NICU, and in the Emergency unit. So I know what it is to be close to life and death.
In 2000 I began to work both as a therapist and a Registered Nurse with a Gynecologist who was specialized in Infertility. There I met the different forms of hope, happiness and the hard struggle to become a parent.

And in Bangkok, I met another form of life, working with women and children suffering from trafficking.

In 1993, I worked together with my husband in Bangkok, Thailand. We worked at an Emergency Home, for women and children needing shelter from their abusive and violent life in the red-light districts.
Those women, and girls, showed me the art of how powerful it is when you are in a safe surrounding, everyone can heal.
There is a time when joy comes back, there is a time when life changes for better and with the right support you start believe that your life matters to.

I know that everyone can get a meaningful, empowered life despite their circumstances.

Our Mindset turns out to be a powerful thing, and as a Coach and Therapist I see clients every day step into their truth, having a greater self-esteem and taking positive actions to live the life they dream of.

People who works with me, get The Perfect Blend from all my knowledge and experiences as a Nurse Specialist-Therapist and Professional Coach.

My mission is to impact this world by improve the life of others, lit the spark in their eyes again so we all can shine brighter from our plattforms in life.